Kenton Baptist Church - Buckaroos

Kenton Baptist Church

Buckaroos Bible Club
Howdy Kids!

Buckaroos is a fun-filled Bible club with a western flair! Sing, play and laugh with us while we discover amazing things in the Bible!

(for kids kindergarten - 6th grade)

Join us at Kenton Baptist Church, Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm.
See you there!

The following materials are copyrighted by Joe Stevens. They are provided here, free of charge for use in your home, church or classroom. Permission is given to duplicate, perform and distribute them as long as it is done free of charge. (If you would like to use them in a money-making venture, please contact Pastor Joe first so we can work out the details.) Thank you. Enjoy!

Print "Day One" song visuals
Listen to "Day One" song
Listen to "Jesus Made the World" song